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Louder » Dan x Reader | Danisnotonfire

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Hanisnotonfire07 By Hanisnotonfire07 Updated 2 days ago

This is your story.
It is written in second person AND you get to make your own choices in this book.
Did I mention there's gifs within the chapter? Yeah- that's pretty cool.

So join- yourself... that sounds sad....
Join yourself on your adventure!

How the hell do you write a summary for a second person book?


AngelWings126: " It's honestly one of the best maybe the best fanfiction I've ever read. It has such a good storyline and it's so exciting to read. You just can't wait for the new chapters and to see how it ends. "

Bubbuz: " 'Louder' is the first book I have read, that gives you a choice. The storyline itself amazing, with just the right amount of drama, and the right amount of humor and romance. Dan's personality is captured amazingly. I just have to say, this is one of my favorite fanfiction story. "

sophialaurena sophialaurena 2 days ago
I may have watched too much dan and phil,TØP and P!ATD crack vids a few hours ago
JustAnAnnoyingKid JustAnAnnoyingKid 2 days ago
I mean yeah, that is pretty realistic. He will be  the one causing internet ww69
JustAnAnnoyingKid JustAnAnnoyingKid 2 days ago
I remember being bald reading this for the first time... thanks!
xorachxo17 xorachxo17 2 days ago
Oml I forgot about this, and I've swam on my period 6 times without the use of a tampon and nothing has happened
BENdrowned234 BENdrowned234 a day ago
Oh thank you for noticing the horse hair that is in my head 😂😂😂
PancakePasta PancakePasta 2 days ago
Okay guys I'm sorry for this comment but. So one time my grandma went onto Google and typed in Google.com. yeah that happened. And if you knew how many times in one day I had to explain what a YouTuber was.