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Louder » Dan x Reader | Danisnotonfire

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Hanisnotonfire07 By Hanisnotonfire07 Updated 4 days ago

This is your story.
It is written in second person AND you get to make your own choices in this book.
Did I mention there's gifs within the chapter? Yeah- that's pretty cool.

So join- yourself... that sounds sad....
Join yourself on your adventure!

How the hell do you write a summary for a second person book?


AngelWings126: " It's honestly one of the best maybe the best fanfiction I've ever read. It has such a good storyline and it's so exciting to read. You just can't wait for the new chapters and to see how it ends. "

Bubbuz: " 'Louder' is the first book I have read, that gives you a choice. The storyline itself amazing, with just the right amount of drama, and the right amount of humor and romance. Dan's personality is captured amazingly. I just have to say, this is one of my favorite fanfiction story. "

BweBwe123 BweBwe123 3 days ago
and to everyone saying that they're re reading it just add it to your library and then you still can even after the deadline
Penguinz2545 Penguinz2545 2 days ago
BUT AMANDA, AND MARISSA, AND well don't really need Hannah and Jordan.
BweBwe123 BweBwe123 3 days ago
am i the only english person who doesn't like tea that much??
mia_routson mia_routson 3 days ago
I'm a really slow reader but I still did this. I was up for about 27 hours straight
Penguinz2545 Penguinz2545 2 days ago
Aww thanks *stands there awkwardly* okay bye. *runs out of emmbarassment*
EllieFullalove EllieFullalove a day ago
Woah, I made friends in the Phandom and other Fandom families, don't they count as friends?