The Badboy's Nerd (Editing)

The Badboy's Nerd (Editing)

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Farrah Gold By glitter_xox Completed

***Warning! My writing has got much better. This was my first book. No hate! If you're going to hate, don't even read this book. Please.***

Highest ranking: #1 in teen fiction 12th of February 2016

Charlotte Woods is abused by her dad after her mum dies in an accident. She is a nerd in school but she has a secret and someone wants her.

Ryder Gonzalez is half italian and a gang leader. He is the badboy of his school. Everyone is scared of him 
Every guy wants to be him 
Every girl wants to be with him 
Read to find out how they meet and what happens next.

[The chapters do say they are edited but they are not! I had edited them but they never changed so I left it.]

This book is really cliché. And I mean REALLY cliché
This book has a lot of grammer, 

Read at your own risk!

Amazing cover by- @xThePineappleGirlx

1dx5sos_the1975 1dx5sos_the1975 4 days ago
i like maths 
                              tbh maths is better than chemistry and physics fuckinng hell
Where did you get yours? Slut central? Oh or was it SlutsRUs?
hannalora1234 hannalora1234 3 days ago
how does she know he's okay if she hasn't seen him for a day?😂😂😂
1dx5sos_the1975 1dx5sos_the1975 4 days ago
"Actually i got it from your mouth and to tell you, it's full of shīt"
_Shalei_Leleo_ _Shalei_Leleo_ 3 days ago
Sheʻs a daughter of Poseidon guys, of course she can cut water. Duh.
Jewjewbunny Jewjewbunny 2 days ago
I have to wake up at 6:30 but I have an extra alarm at 6:40 in case if I fell asleep. 
                              I get everything done before 7:30 then I have to walk to my bus stop before waiting for it to come. 
                              My school deems you late if you come after 8:40 and starts at 9:00...