words, music and other things ➳ zarry

words, music and other things ➳ zarry

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❝it's kind of a metaphor,❞ zayn said. ❝i like beautiful things. and beautiful things include beautiful music, beautiful words, and you.❞

mr styles - harry is the music teacher, or also known as everyone's favourite teacher. he is great at teaching, tells jokes, and not to mention, is the cutest.
one day a new english teacher is called in - mr malik, or zayn. zayn turns out to be the hottest teacher you could ever get. he loves words, deep well written music, writing, and is a hopeless romantic.
when zayn and harry stumble upon each other, it's more than what they'd imagined. through ed sheeran, new words and coffee trips, mr styles and mr malik find more than just a bond, but love.

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But nothings gonna stop me from imagining Zayn dicking Harry down
ziamwestside ziamwestside Nov 21, 2015
Yasss. I can imagine all the cuteness the book is going to have. Can't wait x
artnlust artnlust Nov 21, 2015
my heart broke at that like bye tf thanks for my heart breaking