Mafia Leaders (boyxboy)

Mafia Leaders (boyxboy)

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Don't know By Whisperer1234 Updated Jul 17

Carter Mitchell has always wanted love, any type of love. He stopped receiving love from his family after he came out to them.

One day he goes searching for help from a close friend only what he doesn't know is when he does, he catches the attention of the 5 mafia leaders.

They want him and they always get what they want.

Amazing cover by @peakybooo

CRSM_Stories CRSM_Stories 6 days ago
McDonalds that's who. They'll accept anyone that wont get them sued.
Wait... so there are six people in one stall. How big is the stall?
Your bussy before the guys do you   ¤ 
                              Your bussy after the guys are done  O
Fakkuto Fakkuto 16 hours ago
"Carter has a boner.
                              There are 5 other boner-people in the stall.
                              How big is the stall?"
Fakkuto Fakkuto 16 hours ago
I'm trying to remember Dolmio adverts for their accents lmao
Rosekiss360 Rosekiss360 Aug 21
Author the way you organized the paragraphs is so charming to read