Mafia Leaders (boyxboy)

Mafia Leaders (boyxboy)

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Whisperer1234 By Whisperer1234 Updated Aug 20, 2016

Carter Mitchell has always wanted love, any type of love. He stopped receiving love from his family after he came out to them.

One day he goes searching for help from a close friend only what he doesn't know is when he does, he catches the attention of the 5 mafia leaders.

They want him and they always get what they want.

guilliames guilliames 2 days ago
I hate how I automatically sing lady Gaga born this way Everytime this scene takes place.
xxDottyWasHerexx xxDottyWasHerexx Dec 17, 2016
Wait, so ur telling me that there are 6 erected people....In one stall?
xxDottyWasHerexx xxDottyWasHerexx Dec 16, 2016
Wait, b*tch slap or nah? Because if he did, I'll b*tch KILL him!!!
Sabinegswag Sabinegswag Sep 15, 2016
You don't by any chance have a video of this...u know *wipes away blood from nose* for research purposes
mrshorlikstylinson mrshorlikstylinson Nov 06, 2016
My sweet children if you don't know bdsm then you're at the wrong book
xxDottyWasHerexx xxDottyWasHerexx Dec 17, 2016
Welp, there's my que...
                              DON'T FORGET TO USE PROTECTION!!