Pure-hearted Devotion {Assassination Classroom Fanfic}//DISCONTINUED

Pure-hearted Devotion {Assassination Classroom Fanfic}//DISCONTINUED

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Shironeko By ShiroiNekos Updated May 06

Izumi Ryuka, an average girl studying at kunugigaoka.The only thing differenciates her from the other students, is that she comes from a family of assasins. Being an assassin along with a student she has to hide her identity.

But what will happen when she forgets all about class E. What will happen when her memory got twisted? 
Will her pure-hearted devotion help her get her memories back?
Will she still help the E class with their assassination? 
Or perhaps maybe she'll become a burden to the E class?

//I do not own anything except my oc and I did some plot twist

why not 69? (I had to say it since something occured to me this morning lmao)
ilovejace4ever ilovejace4ever Nov 17, 2015
That''s not a present I'd want.......... BUT I STILL LOVE KARMA!!!