Heart of a Deputy (Heart of Colorado #2)

Heart of a Deputy (Heart of Colorado #2)

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Mary By caffrey1974 Completed

Sally's been mistreated by men since she was sixteen. Will Earl "Buddy" Brand be able to melt the walls of ice around her heart, and teach her that love is possible? Or will Sally continue to believe she is unworthy of love because of her past? 

And who is trying to drag her back into the whoring business? Will they stop at nothing to ruin her life forever or will Buddy be able to pull through again? This time, for love? 

Will Sally finally find love in the "Heart of a Deputy"?

This is the sequel to "Heart of a Cowboy."

Thanks to @mirjam93 for the beautiful cover!

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duchessdome duchessdome Nov 21, 2017
What is the world coming to?! Honestly there is so much evil in the world
duchessdome duchessdome Nov 21, 2017
Her evil uncle Dexter probably sold her into prostitution. I hope your end is very bit deserving you heartless moron
Equinella Equinella Mar 24, 2015
Hooked right away, nicely done. 
                              to be finishing (little 'be' got away)
yukongranny yukongranny Mar 21, 2015
Sally is strong and she will endure above all. Love her character. Thanks for the sequel . You are truly a best selling author coming  . Thanks again
blondieblu blondieblu Mar 12, 2014
I agree caffrey1974..I really don't think that most of these women were given much of a choice..especially back then
caffrey1974 caffrey1974 Jul 28, 2013
@Jze1812  Is this a good rating? Thanks for reading and commenting.