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Chasing Liam (boyxboy) **Editing**

Chasing Liam (boyxboy) **Editing**

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Kaylee By MissKaylee96 Updated Oct 18, 2013

In Freshman year, Liam didn't have a care in the world.

He was a happy-go-lucky kid with a lot of passion and potential. His only care in the world was surviving the bullies within high school and finding a boyfriend. However, shortly after the start of school everything changed. 

A senior, by the name of Brody, used Liam for a night then walked away. Liam was hurt badly by the betrayal and decided that it would hurt less to close his heart to the outside world. So he did. He became invisible, and he stayed that way until Senior year. 

The minute Chase West walks into his new school and meets Liam Parker he is immediately intrigued. Chase wants to get to know him and find out exactly what makes him tick. While doing so, Chase may just be the perfect person to break Liam out of his shell. 

So, he begins chasing Liam.


The new cover was created by @Tiffcutee

Bitiousx Bitiousx Apr 11, 2016
Why does everyone come from Miami, Florida?!? What's wrong with Destin, Florida or Pensacola, Florida?!?
kramohm127 kramohm127 Jul 18, 2016
If they're not riding each other like monkeys in mating season, then I have no use on the planet any longer
EnkaKreux EnkaKreux Feb 17, 2016
well..he's not that smart and bull headed and young :(
                              Oh well...reap what you saw and be a better version
Cass-is-here Cass-is-here Aug 24, 2016
Last year our school went from algebra 1 to geometry then to algebra 2... So technically I am a year above most in math. Honors algebra 2 woo hoo. Also a sophomore now
EnkaKreux EnkaKreux Feb 17, 2016
Persistent vs resistant , let's see who's the winner in the end
aye_024 aye_024 Jan 24, 2016
loool I'm freaking 13, but not naïve enough to do what he did