Chasing Liam (boyxboy)

Chasing Liam (boyxboy)

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**This story is, for the most part, still the same as before, however it was completely rewritten so some of the events and story lines have been changed. This story is also split into three parts.**

Part 1: The Months of Bliss
Part 2: The Arrival of a New Friend
Part 3: Breaking Down the Walls

Liam Parker is a lovable, over enthusiastic fifteen year old. With a wonderful family and best friend by his side, he considers himself the luckiest kid on the planet. On his second day of his freshman year, Liam meets Brody Hamilton, a recently out-of-the-closet senior. The two date for a few months until Liam finally learned the truth about Brody. After that he is never the same. 

Three years later, Liam is no longer the lovable, enthusiastic fifteen year old. He is now a shy, introverted eighteen year old with depressive/anxiety stricken tendencies. A new student, Chase West changes everything for Liam. Trying and failing to keep his wall up, Liam is partnered up with Chase on a class project. They soon begin to grow closer as the days pass by. Can Liam keep his walls up or will Chase break them down?

  • boyxboy
  • depression
  • family
  • friendship
  • highschool
  • hurt
  • love
  • romance
SmutDeprived SmutDeprived Jul 29, 2017
Vicodin? Yes it is and unless you have some serious aśs pain I suggest you don't take it
Me, so me. But my friends and family are like, "You keep on saying that, but watch you get a boyfriend" and then I'm like, "I'm an ugly trash, do you not see this ugly face."
IIRainbowII IIRainbowII Jun 06, 2017
People like this really irk me.. they wonder why people think they don't care about them! BECAUSE YOU DONT NOTICE WHEN THEY ARE IDIOT!
SilverRain77 SilverRain77 Jun 10, 2017
Me. Except itll either be 2 cats and a dog or three cats. Cause 50 cats is a lot of food and cat litter. So 3 cats.
EnkaKreux EnkaKreux Feb 17, 2016
well..he's not that smart and bull headed and young :(
                              Oh well...reap what you saw and be a better version
Cass-is-here Cass-is-here Aug 24, 2016
Last year our school went from algebra 1 to geometry then to algebra 2... So technically I am a year above most in math. Honors algebra 2 woo hoo. Also a sophomore now