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Charlotte Michelle By CharlotteMichelle96 Updated Mar 31, 2016

Humans can never know Lycans, more commonly known as werewolves, exist. Finding out will result in death. Lycans have to stay hidden, can never be exposed. And if a Lycan is unfortunate enough to be mated with a human, both parties will have to be eliminated. A Lycan is unpredictable after the death of their mate.
Arek is the heir to the Lycantrope crown. He is selfless and respectful; he obeys the Lycan Laws and punishes those who do not. However, when he finds his mate, a petite little human, he begins to question all the Laws his father enforced.
Clare is graduating from high school, just a few more weeks. Though, she will never see her graduation, for when a dark, handsome man claims her as his, she is whisked into a world that should only ever be in children's stories.

BMTH-is-my-world BMTH-is-my-world Mar 28, 2016
U really think that theyre just doing that? That's not how Netflix and Chill works.
Hazel_BW Hazel_BW Feb 10, 2016
lmao i'm from new zealand and it's not exactly some ethereal place where pop-culture doesn't exist
jkcworks jkcworks Nov 26, 2016
They definitely are mate!  Us Australians call everyone mate no matter the gender 😂
I was just like 
                              "I never thought you were Hun!"
                              Then later like 
                              "I wonder if I'm Amish..."
What?!?!? Oooooooh... I thought you named your dog after Ragnar Fell, Magnus' BFF... you know, the one from TMI or even other Cassandra Clare Magnus related stories sometimes!
lololo02 lololo02 Nov 13, 2016
They are, thrust me I even go to a private, catholic, all girl school and everyone refers to each other as mate