Alpha's Inoccent Doll

Alpha's Inoccent Doll

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Blazing_Diva By Blazing_Diva Updated Dec 11, 2015

Gabrielle Victor, alpha of Sliver Dust pack. He is 22 and still didn't find his mate. He is player, no girl last more than a week. But when he found his mate(soul mate) and rejected her at that moment. Though Anna Matthew is 16 but nothing like any other teenagers girl. She doesn't understand the meaning of mate, no wonder who still play with doll.

Warning: Grammatical error.

Alpha innocent doll#895(3/1/2107)
Alpha innocent doll#780(4/1/2017)

poppyflower101 poppyflower101 Dec 27, 2016
Will you update I'm just wondering because it's been a while
erinboe erinboe Jul 11, 2016
*were I realize English is not your first language, so I will help with editing as much as possjbld
rider-wild rider-wild Dec 17, 2016
Pacify her shes getting on my nerves you don't love her! (senpai you love me)
123456subha 123456subha Dec 06, 2016
It's awesome... She so cute...I love her n Gabrielle are very lustful person
sanghita0000 sanghita0000 Dec 24, 2015
WOW!! interesting start.....first time I am reading a story where werewolf rejected his mate
elephant44 elephant44 Oct 26, 2015
Please update soon, I like ure story.  Ure a talented writer