[єdítíng] í fєll ín lσvє wíth thє ѕαdíѕtíc vαmpírє

[єdítíng] í fєll ín lσvє wíth thє ѕαdíѕtíc vαmpírє

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_BTS_17Kisses By _BTS_17Kisses Updated Dec 29, 2016

a ayaтo ѕaĸaмaĸι ғan ғιcтιon 

This is my first fan fiction so please bare with me guys

[y/n] [l/n], a gιrl wнo dιѕlιĸed тнe popυlar gυy ғroм нιgн ѕcнool ayaтo ѕaĸaмaĸι, тнe нearт тнroв wнaт wιll ѕнe do once ѕнe ғallѕ ιn love? вυт ιт doeѕnт ѕтop тнere, wнaт ιғ тwo oтнer vaмpιreѕ ғall ғor [y/n] aѕ well along wιтн a playвoy and нer вeѕт ғrιend?

 and wнaтѕ worѕт a pѕycнopaтн ιѕ aғтer [y/n], тryιng тo deѕтroy нer and нer love, ayaтo. 

wιll ayaтo вe ғooled вy тнaт pѕycнo? wιll [y/n] ғall ιn love wιтн anoтнer вoy oтнer тнan ayaтo? ғιnd oυт вy yoυrѕelғ ;)

Day published: ~October 18th, 2015~

Day Ended: ~September 15th, 2016~

[ιn тнe proceѕѕ oғ edιтιng]
- ѕepтeмвer 28тн, 2016

Mikumiku-chan Mikumiku-chan Jun 28, 2016
That girl that yelled "Ayato senpai notice me!" It was totally me
panda_freak_171 panda_freak_171 Oct 14, 2016
This is so sweet.....and this is coming from ayato I've never heard him say this
_-Wendy_Marvell-_ _-Wendy_Marvell-_ Jun 24, 2016
Lol in the end of the year  one of my freinds singed EVERYONES yearbooks with:
                              "Fingering - name"
                              I was just like: TF
Inlovewiththefox Inlovewiththefox Jun 14, 2016
Finally an Ayato Fanfiction and a good one. I am glad that you made this since tons of oneshots, shu or subaru fanfictions are created. Thank you so much!!!
Geewaybae65 Geewaybae65 Apr 27, 2016
Oh yeah. I hate him too. He's such a douche. 
                              He's kinda hot tho..
panda_freak_171 panda_freak_171 Oct 14, 2016
I was gonna say "I'm going to tell everybody!" Then I read that part and I thought "oh $hit now I'm definitely telling everybody >\\\\<"