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Amanda Hocking By AmandaHocking Updated Apr 18, 2013

Author's Note: This is an exclusive excerpt for Wattpad readers.

Harper woke up when the sun was just beginning to set, and squinted at the dim orange light streaming in through her curtains. For one moment-one brief, glorious moment- she'd forgotten about the night before, the night when her little sister had been attacked before turning into some kind of mermaid and disappearing in the ocean.

 Then it all came back to her. Her head throbbed at the memory, and she squeezed her eyes shut.

 After Gemma had swum away, leaving Harper alone on the dock at Bernie's Island, Daniel had checked on Alex to make sure that he was all right. When they'd arrived at the cabin, Alex had been lying unconscious on the floor. Harper hadn't seen what had happened, but it wasn't hard for her to imagine.

 A horrible bird-creature stood over him. Its mouth was filled with razor-sharp teeth, and massive black wings stretched out behind it. Then it had shifted, changing form into a different kind of mo...

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bookworms_13 bookworms_13 Sep 10, 2014
I love Amanda Hocking's books !!!!!! shes really a good author.:):)
madsleina98 madsleina98 Sep 07, 2014
the trylle series is amazing!! love amanda's writing...i was really drawn to this series though because im like obsessed with sirens...theyre sooo cool!!
VanessBoO VanessBoO Aug 26, 2014
if you want the full bokk go to barnes and nobles.com and you get to read the book
PageGibson PageGibson Jul 27, 2014
I've read all of the tyrelle series...several times. They are amazing
Michieee327 Michieee327 Mar 21, 2014
the best book was the trylle series! that book was the best i love it!!!
meggy123 meggy123 Jan 30, 2014
I have the first book in paperback! So glad I found this on here!!(: hoping to get the full series soon!!(: