The Slave

The Slave

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Blood Red Rose By 0BloodRedRose0 Updated Jan 18, 2017

Gray is the prince of a small desert city called Fairy Tail. The young prince's life isn't easy and it gets even more complicated when his father captures Dragon Tribe's leader and turns him into Gray's slave! Gratsu

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kvothe1779 kvothe1779 Jun 12
When I try to grow planets, stray meteorites always destroy them! It's infuriating!
llamawithglasses llamawithglasses Dec 06, 2017
So according to these comments, I'm the only one that finds it extremely easy to have a garden? Flower garden in front of my house then a vegetable and fruit garden in my back yard 😂
Is it just me or is it that I think of this like Lizzy and Ciel from Black Butler.
Inkspider17 Inkspider17 May 07
I feel like Erza is less like a knight and more like a nanny for Gray 😂
Inkspider17 Inkspider17 May 07
I know right? I tried growing planets in my backyard but they keep shriveling up! It's so frustrating!
Shasa222 Shasa222 Oct 04, 2017
If he is a prince wouldn't it be a country or kingdom? Just saying.