Niall Horan's Daughter(One Direction)

Niall Horan's Daughter(One Direction)

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Helllooo, my name is Eleanor Raine Horan, but just call me El. As you know, my father is Niall Horan and my Uncles are the rest of the lads. I'm 15, and am quite the crazy one. But hey.. It comes from my Dad.


Here it is guys! Not much of a description, but if you've read my other stories you get how it goes(:

chloeskye2002 chloeskye2002 Feb 26, 2016
Just like my dad is "TRYING" to get me to like star wars
                              That is exacly what i thought when.i read that
Zalfie4life100 Zalfie4life100 10 hours ago
HAHAHAHA!! When she said that i laughed. I knew the boys would freak
Tahira_Payne Tahira_Payne 2 days ago
When your born you do not inherit an accent from your parents your accent develops where you grow up 🙄 just saying Sorry gor being rude or anything just stating a fact.❤️
I had to when I got surgery and could use my left leg
                              It involved a lot of hope and praying
This is actually my dad
                              Took me 10 swings to hit the ball and getting it in a river 
NiallMyBiscuit NiallMyBiscuit Aug 21, 2016
Yeah you'd like slip and crack your head open. And that wouldn't be good for anyone. You might die and the boys would have a big mess to clean up