I Could Die in Your Arms [Johnny Ghost X Johnny Toast(VT fanfic)]

I Could Die in Your Arms [Johnny Ghost X Johnny Toast(VT fanfic)]

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 Robot By BobnSteve180 Completed

Johnny Toast has a new girlfriend, leaving Johnny Ghost alone. 

Their friendship is slowly breaking, and they hardly talk to each other anymore. 

When one day, Toast shows up on Ghost's doorstep with tears in his eyes over his recent breakup, a new friendship blossoms. What will happen when these two open a paranormal investigating business? 

(I don't own Ghost or Toast, or other Venturiantale characters in this story. I also do not own the picture in the cover. As a warning this is in fact shipping the two characters, in a relationship. If you don't like these two as a couple, simply don't read. Thank you.)

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Wait who was Trudy with that she had to break up with Toast?(I'm not sure if I heard about it or not I don't really remember)
IKR! I haven't done it myself but my least favorite part of any Fanfic is when (and if) someone gets between their luv
-Hugs ghost- It okey -Pats Pat-
                              Ghost: Srsly T-T
                              Me: Mhmm -3-
                              Ghost : -_-
BlitzCat101 BlitzCat101 Feb 10, 2016
I don't ship Ghost and Toast but decided to read it...and I think I will both cry and be happy at this
                              Good job on this so far though 
random_katie2002 random_katie2002 Dec 04, 2016
Boi I don't even ship this. I'm just reading this cause I'm bored but now I'm interested
Maoup098 Maoup098 Feb 18