The Academy Vampire (C.L. Stone Academy Fanfiction - Boyxboy)

The Academy Vampire (C.L. Stone Academy Fanfiction - Boyxboy)

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EsaAnnie By EsaAnnie Completed

What if there was a killer on the loose that the Blackbourne team were in charge of catching and bring down, but no one has ever lived to see his face or hear his name? 

What if Sang wasn't the only protagonist of this story? 

What if our favorite leader caught the eye of a mysterious curly-haired man one night?

What if this man might not be human?

These are just the type of questions that'll be answered, and you'll just have to wait and see what twists and turns these Academy men will endure.

New cover made by the talented leedlelawliet :)

 *** Warning: OOC characters!***   

This story is rated mature for future chapters. I repeat, THERE WILL BE SMUT. The story will also include smut of BOYXBOY nature, so if that's not your cup of tea, then I 'm sad to see you turned away at the front door of this lovely establishment.

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leedlelawliet leedlelawliet Aug 25, 2016
Yeah, you’re not the only one. Though I’m a blushing because of Owen whimpering!
leedlelawliet leedlelawliet Aug 25, 2016
WHIA WHAT?!??!?? SEAN?!?!? I WAS TOTALLY IMAGINING SOMEONE CREEPIER AND DARKER!!! DAMN!!! I see why Owen couldn’t resist now, though… OTP.
leedlelawliet leedlelawliet Aug 25, 2016
I thought you genderbent him randomly but it's just a typo lol
NorthStar394 NorthStar394 Oct 30, 2016
^^pretty much. Owen as a submissive is everything I didn't know I wanted
leedlelawliet leedlelawliet Aug 25, 2016
Not gonna lie, I didn’t read whose POV it was so I totally imagined Sang in a pantsuit! I swear I read the disclaimer! 😂