Phobia (A Percy Jackson AU)

Phobia (A Percy Jackson AU)

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Twila By dragonsarecats Updated Oct 09

You can fly but you're afraid of heights.
You can disappear but you're scared of not being remembered.
You can control fire but you're scared of burning others.
You manipulate water but you're terrified of drowning.
You shape shift but you're afraid to lose yourself.
You can make them to do anything, but you're scared of being manipulative. 
You control electricity, but you scared of getting shocked. 

The fear balances out the powers.
The fear keeps you in check.
The fear keeps you from escaping.

Implanted in your head when you turn twelve, the chip controls your power by emitting waves of fear whenever you use it without of permission, or get out of control.

Fear makes you weak. 
Fear strips you of everything.
Fear makes you powerless.


I only own the plot and the setting. All characters and personalities belong to Rick Riordan.

**Also some powers were inspired by the show HEROES

Warning: Major character death, drug use

This is getting interesting *wink wink, nudge nudge, eyebrow wave*
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At first I thought it said "sonic screw driver" because I just automatically connent screwdriver with sonic and I was really confused hahaha
AWESOME. Annabeth is perfect in this chapter. It reminds me so much of when she's first introduced in The Lightning Thief (which I'm rereading, coincidentally).
Idk why, but I'm picturing Drew as Zu from the Darkest Minds trilogy
Her not seeing the sun in a long time reminds me of the asylum in Firstlife. Anyone? No... Okay. 
                              I'll just be going then. *leaves*