Falling to Hell

Falling to Hell

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Robanilla By Robanilla Completed

This is my first official Fanfic. I hope it isn't too bad, but hey, we live and we learn, don't we?  -R.


As fast as you can.
But what happens if you run right into the arms of a demon?
I'll tell you:
You begin to fall in more ways than one.

gummyhoshi gummyhoshi Feb 24
Why do you care Sebastian if I'm trying to get myself killed? Ummm, Sebastian?
Anime_no_Ai Anime_no_Ai Jun 13
Yeah, thanks, I sure feel protected. (Lol can you hear the sarcasm?)
What the heck Sebastian!? Are you saying that you woyld actually k- oh no wait you would do that!
I have to much FANGIRL stuff to deal with to die yet come again later and we'll see
... I most certainly am not. I have to much anime to watch to die now. *sighs* maybe later.