An Angels Heart (Sebastian x Angel Reader, Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji)

An Angels Heart (Sebastian x Angel Reader, Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji)

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l'âme By Saraez_1243 Completed

You were an Angel craving chaos... He was a demon seeking peace...

As an Angel you didn't remember much about your past, everything you knew was what other Angels had told you. But why should you believe them when they treated others, especially demons, so harshly over nothing? You could't bear to watch them be so cruel, you needed to prove to them that nothing was truly ever evil.

But once the facade of the Angels and Demons surrounding you fade away, you're not quite sure what to believe anymore.

(I don't own Black Butler, any of the characters or you. Obviously. Also, I am currently editing this story which means I'll add and remove some parts of this fanfiction. So please forgive me if some things don't make much sense.)

darci0701 darci0701 Nov 07, 2016
He knows hes wrong so he resorts to violence. Tsk tsk angel. I thought you were better than that
Heichous_Demon_Wife Heichous_Demon_Wife Sep 26, 2016
Bitch you just got Yo self in trouble SENPAIS GET HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!
RiceKrispiePisser RiceKrispiePisser Dec 29, 2016
Bitch hell no
                              HOW THE HELL IS ADRIAN EVEN CLOSE TO FAUSTIAN?!
DianaTheDemonQueen DianaTheDemonQueen Oct 08, 2016
I don't know why but I thought it said "Our son" and I was like: Wait e
                              WHAT?!?! When did that happened?
sapphiregrace1224 sapphiregrace1224 Jun 23, 2016
Bruh I can so German!
                              *starts singing attack on titan opening*
RebelMist RebelMist Jul 07, 2016
I-I need the demon he will actually listen to my problems I NEED THAT DEMON