SebastianxReader Fanfic

SebastianxReader Fanfic

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Authors note: okay this is my first fanfic ever so it might be crappy. Gomenasai if it is, hope you guys like it and be honest in your comments. I also do not own any of the kuroshitsuji characters, I wish I did XD!

'Today is a new day,' you thought 'I hope so.' As you get up from your bed and get ready for school, you brush your teeth, get dressed, combs your short hair(around Ciel's length), and you put on make-up to hide the bruises your father and brother left you last night for talking back and not doing their chores. Finally you grab your bag and leave your room.

You: *sigh* There all done, now to wake up Pops *goes and knocks on his door* eh... Oi, old man wake up! *no answer*

You then go check outside and to your surprise the car was gone, feeling annoyed you call him to find out where is is.

You: *phone ringing* come on, pick up the damn phone you ass. *he answers*

Your Dad: hello? *yawns*

You: Where are you? I have school today....

Dxnibun Dxnibun Jul 03
Step 1: Get Roasted Step 2:Apply ice for the fiyah burn Step 3:Weep and Cry
MsOtakuReader MsOtakuReader a day ago
Next job: the janitor.
                              OOOH! MR. NOODLE ARMS FROM LITTLE NIGHTMARES
So this reader pov is a weeboo? I'm getting this from her way of saying all these Japanese sayings when she's not, it's just- sorry I don't know how I feel about this....I dislike weeboos. Sorry I guess?
_pastelmoon_ _pastelmoon_ Oct 06, 2016
i love how shes like fuuck im walkin home im laughing so hard
ShadowHeart32 ShadowHeart32 Nov 08, 2016
"Bus Driver": I'm simply one hell of a-
                              Me: *smacks the costume off him* No! Bad BASSY! NO!
Megurine_Sydney Megurine_Sydney Jul 31, 2016
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