Imaginary Friends

Imaginary Friends

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Finley By SentientAndroid Updated Mar 23, 2016

Imaginary Friends - And Other Stories From the Hospital

A dystopian future in which everyone with a mental or physical difference is shipped off to the Hospital to get "cured".

Also a social commentary.

The first "chapter", Imaginary Friends, was originally a single story, but then I had other ideas and decided to write more stories about people in the Hospital. It's also a way for me to try writing from perspectives I wouldn't usually.

Conditions described in these stories:
- Synesthesia
- Cotard's syndrome
- Hemispatial neglect
- Urbach-Wiethe disease
- Obsessive-compulsive disorder
- Lesch-Nyhan syndrome
- Peripheral neuropathy

  • cotards
  • disability
  • disorder
  • dystopia
  • hospital
  • lesch-nyhan
  • neglect
  • neuropathy
  • neuroscience
  • ocd
  • psychology
  • synesthesia
  • urbach-wiethe