Author's Note

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The reason I'm writing this series of stories is for diversity. I want to write about things that may seem strange or abnormal to most people—things that haven't been written about very much. I want to represent the diversity of human experience. It's also a way for me to expand my writing skills.

I may not portray all of these conditions 100% correctly, since the only one I actually have is synesthesia. Please don't hesitate to (politely) correct me if I miss anything!

And also, all of the diseases/disorders/differences mentioned in these stories are real. Rare, maybe. But very much real.

I would recommend reading "Imaginary Friends" first—it's the first one I wrote, and it explains much of what you need to know. After that, you can skip around. Some stories have slight connections to each other, but they're small. But all of them are set in this place, the Hospital.

It is up to you to determine, after you read these, whether the Hospital is "good", or "bad".

I'd like to thank the authors/cognitive neuroscientists Oliver Sacks and V.S. Ramachandran, as well as the podcasts Radiolab and Invisibilia, for giving me lots of ideas for these stories.

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