Frerard fanfics you must read

Frerard fanfics you must read

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holy smokes By guilt-trippin Updated Nov 01, 2016

Hey you. Do you ship frerard?

Do you wanna read an amazing frerard fanfic?

Then read this book, cause I'll tell you about the funniest, gayest, life-destroying frerard fanfics there are on wattpad, mibba, ao3, and pretty much anywhere.

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Exquisite_Aliens Exquisite_Aliens Jul 16, 2017
Can somebody, anybody tell me what it's about? I don't want to deal with any deaths and stuff, is it like a asotm kinda sad or a happy kind of sad?
Saintables Saintables May 07, 2017
Where do I find springtime?! I just finished the other two and I'm not ready for it to be over!
@guilt-trippin please can you tell me the link to springtime 😀
officialwerardgay officialwerardgay Apr 11, 2017
I've already read this one and let me just say it made me cry like 300 times :')
xashvx xashvx May 09, 2017
Can smn pls tell me what was springtime about just give me all those spoilers pls
LemonGerawrd LemonGerawrd Mar 13, 2017
Well, just got done reading it and broke down. Great story though...