Betrayed and Remade  (PJ/HP Crossover)

Betrayed and Remade (PJ/HP Crossover)

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🖤⚔️Pezz⚔️🖤 By ThatOnePezz Updated Jan 01, 2017

What happens when Percy is betrayed?

What happens when he finds out who his real dad is?

What about when he finds happiness and a new life?

Will he throw everything he has away, just to babysit a few wizards?

The cover is by: HunterofArtemis21385!!!

I don't own any of the HP or PJ stuff in this book! I'm not going to wright this again. They belong to the wonderful authors who made them up.

Nxghtwxngxx Nxghtwxngxx Jul 23, 2016
I lowkey subconsciously ship Percy and Clarisse bc their friendship is amazing
- - Nov 12, 2016
YES BITCH!!! I'm over here being a fattier and watching Narnia not really paying attention to the plot of the story just skimming it then I see this and I'm like:
uraza_abeke uraza_abeke Sep 15, 2016
I ship Percy/Clarisse as a BROTP thing cause they are awesome and they say they hate each other but in the end they're pretty great friends
- - Nov 12, 2016
BĪTCH FIGHT ME!!! Even if you think he didn't go twice (which he did)
                              Once should be enough you hoe!
Bluecookies4eve02 Bluecookies4eve02 Oct 10, 2016
If his kielass is braver than Persues Jackson 
                              Then I'm Gay and James Bond
Honey_Badgers_Attack Honey_Badgers_Attack Feb 12, 2017
the day Keisses is braver and more handsome than Percy Jackson is the day I become Cleopatra
                              Which is never gonna happen