Who is your man!?

Who is your man!?

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Mimi-Chan By Death-Chan Updated Jan 31, 2017

After an accident Hinamori Aki is bound to the hospital for an unknown amount of time, so he can't work for his band.

Not wanting to tell his friends about all that he asks his twin sister to double him. 

She first of course disagrees knowing it's a stupid idea since she's a pretty girl. But with a few changes here and there she IS looking like her brother.  Not being able to say no to her cute brother she agreed.

But Aki didn't knew about Amu's weakness towards hot guys....

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Anime_Chica Anime_Chica Nov 15, 2016
Ah, I don't mean to be rude but i think it means to say you. This is a funny book that I love but, I'm just saying to help you fix this book and give a better experience to readers. ^-^
Anime_Chica Anime_Chica Nov 15, 2016
Your, angel...I seem rude don't i? Tell me if you would like me to shut up...XD
ElianaMorgan ElianaMorgan Jan 07, 2017
Woah woah woah hold the phone 📱 how'd u know what MY room looked like?!?