Which One? [Naruto!Various x Reader]

Which One? [Naruto!Various x Reader]

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It's not everyday you meet someone like [Name] [Surname], a girl who's actually dressed as a boy. She's hiding something from everyone, and it's yet to be unleashed. Keep in mind that even if she may be a damsel in disguise, she's totally not in distress. 

Especially when there are attention-seeking girls who chase her around, a few guys that might have a crush on her, and bad guys wanting a taste of her power. Can she handle all of these people falling for her? Or should I say him?

- - -

WARNING: SWEARING, VERY MUCH OP. Please note that this story is kind of all over the place and it's not that great. Thanks.

jjkskth jjkskth 2 days ago
Hmm how abou black shirt, black cargo shorts to show off my fabulous legs, and black basic shinobi sandals.
Clothes everyday don't add the mask and the hair..More longer a little
Author-Chan Author-Chan Sep 12
For some reason people are confused on the idea of this story, so let me elaborate: 
                              The reader is dressed as a boy in the beginning and eventually, her real gender is revealed. (YOU ARE A GIRL).
*Heavily sighs*
                              "Hi fangirls that I hate. How was your pathetic day following me around try to get me to kiss you? Terrible? That's great!"
Not only were the questions retarded, but the fart buckets asking them as well.. :3
8-BitNinja 8-BitNinja Sep 02
All You People With Girl Names Are Sad AF Because Your Name Sounds Weird With 'Kun' But My Name Is Haru So I Can Keep Rolling 😂
                              And Even If Haru Is A Girl Name I Can Always Use My Middle Name Taro 😂