Which One? [Naruto!Various x Reader]

Which One? [Naruto!Various x Reader]

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It's not everyday you meet someone like [Name] [Surname], a girl who's actually dressed as a boy. She's hiding something from everyone, and it's yet to be unleashed. Keep in mind that even if she may be a damsel in disguise, she's totally not in distress. 

Especially when there are attention-seeking girls who chase her around, a few guys that might have a crush on her, and bad guys wanting a taste of her power. Can she handle all of these people falling for her? Or should I say him?

- - -

WARNING: This is a fanfiction that was written when I was young. Please note that this story is kind of all over the place and contains swearing and lack of a good plot. Thank you.

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I'm going to pretend my name is Dakota for the gender neutralness
KawaiiMessenger_1 KawaiiMessenger_1 Dec 02, 2017
Why do people change it? I would of said "Don't like it? Go f*cking naked then!" I like the style anyway :3
piper4562 piper4562 Jan 09
Im gonna name myself Alex, cause thats a non-gender specific name 😂
SlyRudolph SlyRudolph Jan 12
Imma use the name Kion for this since it could be male of female while Kiara can only really be female.
xxlehendaryxx xxlehendaryxx Dec 28, 2017
-bangs hand on table (wait..that sounds wrong..lmao...)- BITCH I AM A SHE...s-h-e...SHE!
Me in school so much
                              Even I'm a girl I don't why my voice is like that