Carlos De Vil X Reader

Carlos De Vil X Reader

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Tresia Blown By Dream_givers Updated Mar 18

In the perfect land of Auradon where the pretty princesses and charming princes reside, what could go wrong? A lot, apparently.

After getting assigned a project to find a 'date' for a school dance, everything seems to go wrong for (y/n). Friendships fall apart, mysteries are discovered, and an impending fate awaits those at Auradon Prep. Will you be able to save the school and complete your assignment before it's too late?

Old Description:
Set it Off! After the dance party of Prince Ben's coronation, things finally seem to be going well. The villain kids had the will to choose good, but will you have the will to find a 'date' for a school assignment? 

In this story YOU, (y/n) will be the main character and try your chances with Carlos De Vil. Not only will you focus on romance, but you will feel as if you're really a part of Auradon Prep. You will make new friends, find new enemies, and finally feel like a part of the story. You aren't the daughter of some famous Disney character, you are really YOU, so come along for a thrilling adventure!

[ongoing: on hold until after AP Exams ]
**written before Descendants 2 came out

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"All was well"...Dont mind me just gonna go into the corner and cry while I think about how my childhood is over.
Wolfie82 Wolfie82 Feb 15, 2016
I'm bored, that's why I'm reading  this. I would be the daughter of..well...the Big Bad Wolf.
crazeddixongirl crazeddixongirl Jul 08, 2016
Guys please check out my  sorry "Oh it's magic, you know!" It's a wizards of Waverly place story that ships...Max and Harper! Please give it a chance! You probably won't regret it!
maddy10217 maddy10217 Feb 29, 2016
If i were a villian then it would be uh...
                              The big bad wolf :/
Decembra1998 Decembra1998 Jan 24, 2016
I'm don't think he's THAT cute, but I'm just reading it for the heck of it, just because I'm bored.
CyrusMeetsEvil CyrusMeetsEvil Dec 09, 2015
Name: Crimson Hood
                              Age: 13 (9th grade)
                              Parents: Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf (don't ask...)