Carlos De Vil X Reader

Carlos De Vil X Reader

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Tresia Blown By Dream_givers Updated Sep 21, 2016

Set it Off! After the dance party of Prince Ben's coronation, things finally seem to be going well. The villain kids had the will to choose good, but will you have the will to find a 'date' for a school assignment? 

In this story YOU, (y/n) will be the main character and try your chances with Carlos De Vil. Not only will you focus on romance, but you will feel as if you're really a part of Auradon Prep. You will make new friends, find new enemies, and finally feel like a part of the story. You aren't the daugher of some famous Disney character, you are really YOU, so come along for a thrilling adventure!

[ongoing: **note: currently story is on hold ]
**written before Descendants 2 came out

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That moment when pretty much no one in the comments read the description XD
ShannonCoombes ShannonCoombes 2 days ago
Evaline Targaryen
                              Daenerys Targaryen
                              Drogon Targaryen (yes the dragon don't know who else to do -lest pretend he's a human-) 
                              My mum is the queen of dragons....
                              ......So I'm the princess of dragons 😏😏
Name: Melanie
                              Dad: Tarrant
                              Mom: Alice
                              (Who knows the reference?)
mintystar44 mintystar44 Sep 07
(Y/n)- Scarlett Hood
                              (M/n)- Little Red Riding Hood
                              (D/n)- Big Bad Wolf
ShannonCoombes ShannonCoombes 2 days ago
Okay sooo.....
                              Messy bun 
                              Pair of ripped black jeans 
                              A random top
                               black bomber jacket??
                              And my DC shoes 
                              Okay 😁😁
Wolfie82 Wolfie82 Feb 15, 2016
I'm bored, that's why I'm reading  this. I would be the daughter of..well...the Big Bad Wolf.