Alpha Mate

Alpha Mate

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kittycat_14 By kittycat_14 Completed

Vivian Conner just graduated college. She decides to stay for a week with her roommate Adeline McCormick. There she meets her mate, Alpha James McCormick, Adeline's brother. Like all alphas James is possessive, demanding, and used to getting what he wants. He's a cocky prick and Vivian is determined to find his soft side. And just when they finally confess their love for each other, the rogues declare war on the pack. 


Warning: This book may be cliche and like most pornographic werewolf books.

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bored_hoe bored_hoe Jul 04, 2017
If it takes only one hand to cover his dick its most likely a chod
HotCoco870 HotCoco870 Nov 28, 2017
Sweet Jesus I need my eyes cleansed 
                              I did not have to see that
sheenbee19 sheenbee19 Sep 12, 2017
Could be a grower not a show-er. You'd be surprised what some get to😊
lovely_undifined lovely_undifined Aug 08, 2016
I don't know about you but I'm feeling 22 
                              I'm sorry someone had to so it