Welcome To The Media (Dylmas AU)

Welcome To The Media (Dylmas AU)

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"You have until everything involving the Maze Runner is over. 5 months. If you can make Dylan O'Brien fall completely in love with you, you win. If you can't, I win."


Thomas Brodie-Sangster, "perfect, heartfelt Hollywood bad-boy," has the entire world falling at his feet. With an award-winning smile and awe-inspiring acting skills, Thomas knows he could get anything and everything with a snap of his fingers. 

Or so he thinks.

Thomas makes a bet with a journalist of the LA Times, in which fellow castmate, Dylan O'Brien, is the prize. Before the two even meet, Thomas thinks he has already won the bet. There's only one problem.

"There is not a single part of me, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, that likes you. In fact, I kind of hate you a lot."

(Dylmas AU)
Warning: Explicit Language 
(sorry I curse a lot oops)

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nie wiem za chuja co tutaj pisze ale mam motywwacje do nauki angielskiego
boi, pick yourself up, go outside, then run around screaming "I GOT THE PART!" that should be your number one priority rn. Just like how I am supposed to be doing hw rn, but im procrastinating :)
wowie_great wowie_great Mar 08
except it would be tears of sadness cause hAHA MEEEEE GET A PART IN A MOVVIEE HOW CRAZY WOULD THAT BE
Chan_101 Chan_101 Mar 29
I wanted to re read a couple of the first chapters and I laughed when I saw this
                              TWO WEEKS YOU SAY? 😂
No sé por qué estoy leyendo esto si entiendo la mitad de las cosas pero bueno, ya fuee
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