The Girl Apon 50 Boys {A Newt Fan Fiction}

The Girl Apon 50 Boys {A Newt Fan Fiction}

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ThisIsJadeee By ThisIsJadeee Updated Feb 07, 2016

No memory of her past life, she sores up into what can only be described as torture, and to make it worse, everyone there?..
They're all boys.

Bree can only recall her name, which isn't such a bad thing when you're in closed with about 50 hormonal teenage boys who look like they haven't seen a female in years. It's just a challenge waiting to be accepted.

Even though one boy catches her eye.

{All Characters apart from Bree, belong to the one and only James Dashner. This story does not completely follow the plot in the book or film, so please bare that in mind :)}

_Syltherin_Pride_ _Syltherin_Pride_ Oct 07, 2016
Don't worry, I met this girl and she told me her name, we spent the whole day together and I forgot it, it was real AKWARD after that....
Trevors2011Weave Trevors2011Weave Aug 02, 2016
"Absurd eyebrows"
                              Everyone's head shots around
                              "Gally." Everyone says.
xxx_Anna_xxx xxx_Anna_xxx Jun 10, 2016
The funny part about this is my family and I drop kick each other and say that exact line XD
_Syltherin_Pride_ _Syltherin_Pride_ Oct 07, 2016
When you talk about eyebrows and the Maze Runner, You are Talking About Gally, Even if your Not talking About Him.
Mylifeasmaryam Mylifeasmaryam Dec 29, 2016
amatof amatof Jul 28, 2016
This story sounds a bit like "the mazerunner". Nothing bad about that though