The Maze (Newt X Reader) Book 1 - complete

The Maze (Newt X Reader) Book 1 - complete

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For three years, every month a new greenie is sent up through the box to live in the maze. Sent here with no remembrance of their past life or the outside world or how they got here, the only thing W.C.K.D lets them keep is their name. And it's always been boys that were sent, but this time it's a girl. Everyone is confused about why the creators sent a girl. But it doesn't matter... There's no time to worry about something so simple. Along the way though, she slowly but surely finds herself falling in love with Newt, and he's falling for her. (This is before Thomas and Theresa is sent)
Book 1

This is my first time writing an actual story, so please be nice and give me some feedback.

I do not own any characters from The Maze Runner, they belong to James Dashner.

Enjoy... :)

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I've had times in class before when they hand out papers and I just stare at the spot where you're supposed to write your name for about ten seconds trying to remember what to put there.
Garmaulover22 Garmaulover22 Nov 13, 2016
Oh maze runner me so much to learn Newt/Thomas Brodie-Sangster is very muscular he's just skinny
Author-chan I like you. You don't force us to have a name, you let us keep our real names. Thank you. ❤️
RidiculouslyDEep RidiculouslyDEep Nov 06, 2015
Very interesting. Excellent story-line. Hardly any grammatical or spelling errors...I'd say this pretty good for your first time. Keep at it  and  keep on updating. "Oh how I hate it when these bastards leave me hanging on and old rope".   xD
MartianDreamerXoXo MartianDreamerXoXo Oct 30, 2015
Not a half bad chapter, I have a few suggestions 1.Space your paragraphs out 2.Don't dive right in to the romance, build it up as the story progresses 3.Make it more clear who is speaking 4.Change up the POV
sailorjupiterlita9 sailorjupiterlita9 Oct 29, 2015
interesting story, i like it no i love it! Thanks for following me. your welcome to check out my story the broken hearted girl