Eternal (Sterek)

Eternal (Sterek)

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Sarcastic By LoveLou2 Updated Dec 19, 2017

Stiles is a normal teenage boy who has ADHD

He has a plan.
Get the girl of his dreams, Lydia the Greek goddess with beautiful hair.
Get on the the lacrosse team, or at least play on the damn field.
And make his father proud.

But fate has other plans for this young ADHD ridden boy. 
When Stiles meets Derek, a grumpy lonely alpha, his life turns a 180.
Filled with rabies ridden wolves, his best friend turning, and somehow to make his life even more confusing.
Certain feeling pop up to the grumpy alpha.

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syd104 syd104 Oct 22, 2017
Me, in every situation LOLOL😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Queen_Angge_22 Queen_Angge_22 Jul 09, 2017
What's wtong with that?  In our country circumcision is a normal thing if a guy is not circumstanced he's not a real man.
FrickleFrackleQueen FrickleFrackleQueen Mar 17, 2016
Fun fact, I was meant to write an essay about a book the class read but instead I wrote a short story on a serial killer stabbing someone... I blame it on binge watch Criminal Mind
gretacorveta gretacorveta Mar 26, 2016
It got a lot of reader because the 📖 is good nice I wonder what Derek need a bait for so curious
Firen-Dusk Firen-Dusk Sep 10, 2016
Derek thats not how you get to Stiles Ass he a classy man that neesa dinner and lota of alcohol first 😌