Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom

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"Sweet, innocent girls like you are the ones that get sucked into this industry."

Meet Mia Parson.

In your eyes, she's the epitome of perfection. The 'It' girl.

In her eyes, she's just a girl trying to survive. However, her coping methods aren't exactly logical.

Nice first chapter I have no doubt that as I read and play catch up I'm going to get into this. I like Mia I like her even more because although she has a pretty face the woman is still flawed
joodiee joodiee Feb 18
idc lmao i like the pick up lines. not like Ima say yeah but don't mean you can't still shoot ya shot
Nic seems to be fine af Mia is attracted to him but at the same time he was giving her bad vibes.  The vibe if always something you pay attention too you it'll never steer you wrong yet people always ignore it
If your reason for doing it is to ease the pain honey hate to break it to you but ya got a problem
Yung_JoJo Yung_JoJo Jan 11
lol. he said "blows up" and she using blow. idk, thought it was funny
CherriPop_ CherriPop_ Nov 03, 2015
YALL BITCHES BETTA VOTE. I got the comments up there for yall ctfu