The Hidden Child Of The Kurans ( VK x Various )

The Hidden Child Of The Kurans ( VK x Various )

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{OC Insert} 
You know the vampire Pureblood family with the name of Kuran right? You might think they're the "perfect" family, but they're not. Here's the reason why..

Sakura Kuran was the hidden child of the Kuran family. Upon being born different, her parents thought of her as a monster as she had mismatched eyes like Rido Kuran, which symbolises monster in their family. 

She was always shut out by her family by being locked up in the basement and just occasionally letting her out for awhile is she was good. Poor Sakura was confused by how they acted but despite their actions, the young girl still loved them. Senri Shiki often secretly visited her and chatted with her as long as he can. Uncle Rido, well he's more of a father figure to her.

 On her birthday, she was beaten up by her family and being fed up with them, decided to run away. Encountering a deadly Level E, the young girl waited for her death.  Instead of dying, she was saved by Satan, one of the supernatural kings. What shall happen when she is sent to Cross Academy?
[ VK x Different animes Crossover ]

Not true. That would worsen the insanity, if you cared for her it would keep her sane.
- - Jul 15, 2016
Yass but what about get scared three days grace falling in reverse panic at the disco and black veil bride😎
TravisorZane TravisorZane Dec 04, 2016
I like confusing the male race. Like one time during gym I walked around with a jump rope tied to a hulahoop saying "Hi, Meet Circle my pet circle. Want to pet him?" To Males.
rubyisugly rubyisugly Nov 20, 2016
They got it all wrong they should help her control her insanity
Sadistic_Emo Sadistic_Emo Jul 31, 2016
This is my life... I'm gonna present this is a reader insert...
I say this so often. And it's anger a good thing when someone with ADHD is bored