Take This To Heart: KakaSaku

Take This To Heart: KakaSaku

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She found it in the most unlikely places, at such strange times. Haruno Sakura was a little girl too in love with the idea of love to realise she had it in front of her the whole time. 

When her path crosses with such a strange man, she didn't know what to expect. 

[KakaSaku - Age Progression]

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reganhamby reganhamby Jul 12, 2017
Sakura is the most clever kunoichi of her generation!!!!!! CHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!
dark_cherryblossom dark_cherryblossom Oct 06, 2016
This. Is beautiful. Your words contraction of the story. The titles the details. Is so fantastic.
Cranemkr Cranemkr Jan 25, 2016
I'm really liking this, it isn't too dramatic or naive, it's just right.
fonoah fonoah Oct 06, 2015
I love it. To be honest, after just two chapters, I fell in love with it. It's new, it's fresh. I like the raw emotions and the unspoken bond between both of them. Oh hell. You know, I'm a big fan of those two and this is literally killing me. good job
fonoah fonoah Oct 06, 2015
Okay I'm starting with your fic and I hope I'm not gonna end up disappointed. I tried to read dozens of kakasaku fanfictions here on wattpad but to be honest, it was just so naive and not good so I'm looking forward to find this one really interesting and fresh. ! :)