Cigarettes Don't Kill

Cigarettes Don't Kill

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Cynical-Romantic By cynical-romantic Updated Dec 24, 2016

She stopped writing in her black, leather-bound book to look up at me inquiringly.

"What do you mean you were addicted to him?"

I lounged back against the black, leather seat, my mouth curving into a bitter smile. My eyes finally met hers.

"I mean I became addicted to him, just like I was addicted to smoking. Funny isn't it? I never thought grey eyes and a wicked grin could be a drug."
Winter Jones is a twenty-year-old girl with a smoking addiction. Her tendency to run from her past only keeps her running towards packs and packs cigarettes. Regardless of the constant nagging from people to quit the disgusting addiction, she continues to destroy her lungs, not caring what the consequences may be. Winter is a firm believer that addictions, no matter what they may be, are a natural part of life. The only way to stop one addiction is to start another.

And that's exactly what happens.

In a mere month, Winter ends up trading cigarettes for pearly white smiles; grey, thick smoke for grey, sparkling eyes; blackened lungs for pounding hearts.

In the end, Winter was right. The only way to get rid of one addiction is to get hooked on another.

But, she definitely didn't expect Aiden Camry to become the fire burning her from the inside out. 


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