Just Me? (Jacksepticeye X Reader) DISCONTINUED

Just Me? (Jacksepticeye X Reader) DISCONTINUED

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Author By irkmooncat Completed

You had been watching Jacksepticeye for quite some time now. You had found his channel because of your friend. You were at POPCon with some of your buddies. 

As you waited in line, you got a close view of Wade, Markiplier, and the person you wanted to see-Jacksepticeye.

When you finally got to the front of the line, Sean (jacksepticeye) looked straight at you. Your legs suddenly felt like jelly and you gulped. Unable to say anything. "Hey there! What's your name?" Sean smiled and held out his hand.

You were unable to move, you felt paralyzed and felt heat rush up to your face. You smiled nervously and shook his hand.

Sean grinned and hugged you. You let out a small, shocked squeak. "Woah did a mouse explode?"

"I love you..." You whispered out barely audible by anyone nearby, but Sean seemed to have heard. You saw his face redden and you walked away-barely able to contain your excitement.

You went back to your hotel that you were staying in and opened up your laptop.

I would do this "HiI'mRainaHow'surlife?Mine'sgoodhehewelpbai!" then run like BOOYAH!
I was so hungry i though it said "popcorn" instead of Popcon.
*ahem* roses are red
                              Thorns are prickly 
                              I juts wanna say that escalated quickly
When a bit of fangirl escapes I'm like nuuuuuuuuuu I rouind it!! :(
How does someone like a stranger they just met? Don't mean to criticise the book, I'm just very picky about how the reader and Jack meet and fall in love.....
Why does this remind Me of Frozen? 
                              Me in real life: you can't date someone who you just met.
                              Me in story: YOU CAN IF ITS TRUE LOVE!!!