The GOT7 Sister (Got7)

The GOT7 Sister (Got7)

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bess343 By bess343 Updated Sep 11, 2017

Imagine having a brother living your dream life, fame. Mark Tuan, a name heard all around the globe. Is my brother?! Meanwhile living a normal life, everything changes when Mark pays a visit. Being a trainee for JYP and facing lots of bumps is a new change. But change can be good right? The newest star of JYP's new show, Sixteen. She gains a lot of attention even when things don't go how she expected them to. But, she finds a better path. What will the path be made of?

I like dramatic. If you don't like dramatic, then this book isn't for you

*All chapters are over 1500 words. I promise*

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moon_starry moon_starry Apr 25, 2017
Finally! NZ is a g8 place and only B.A.P and seventeen went here for their concert once. I wonder who's next?
Why not Chiang Mai in Thailand? It is a nice place and I lived there but I had to move to America though
tacozoe tacozoe Jul 23, 2017
If this story has more puns like this...I'm going to read it about 10 times and finger gun my phone at each pun
swagatsports swagatsports Apr 24, 2017
Never Ever Ever gonna let you go
                              Dasi neoreul tteonaji anha geokjeonghajima
                              Baby you’re mine mine mine
                              Never Ever Ever gonna make you cry
                              Dasi ulliji anha geokjeonghajima
                              Baby you’re mine Baby you’re mine
leuxx_kenshiroGot7 leuxx_kenshiroGot7 Mar 15, 2016
New Zealand? Yeah. I want to go there. It's my dream country. Lol XD
KathyPTX KathyPTX Apr 05, 2016
I can relate to this girl, I am a cheerleader and I am a flyer XD