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Just a Maid 18+ Markson Smut by LilttlePlum
Just a Maid 18+ Markson Smutby ••~MARKIEBOO~••
Yes... I'm a maid, I work for a rich family we call the Wangs. Usually my chores are washing clothes, cleaning rooms, washing dishes.... But Mr.Wang's son has been givin...
GOT7 one shots & imagines by chocofr34k
GOT7 one shots & imaginesby _uniquee_
One shots/ imagines, whatever you call it.
GOT7 Preferences!  by pizzapastasosox
GOT7 Preferences! by 혼란
Are you ready for chaos? Welp come and get it. Have not seen many of these on here so I decided to have a go. >beware I might be naughty and put smut who the fuck kno...
He's A Little| Yugbam by thotpimook
He's A Little| Yugbamby simp for choi soobin
Kim Yugyeom is a little. He once found a caregiver when he was 16, but it ended badly. Ever since he never showed his little side unless it's in front of Mark and Jackso...
My Roommate Partner//JJP by joosheony
My Roommate Partner//JJPby Wonho's Left Nipple
[COMPLETED] Jaebum and Jinyoung collide as roommates even though Jinyoung doesn't like Jaebum
Fiance For Hire - Mark Tuan vs. Jackson by Marktinz
Fiance For Hire - Mark Tuan vs. Marktinz
Her name is Susan. She's been in and out of jobs. Her parents died when she was in high school, leaving her and her younger to fight their way to survive. She's 23 b...
When We Were Young// Yugyeom •COMPLETED• by aesthetic-hoshi
When We Were Young// Yugyeom • aesthetic-hoshi
"Well, I fell in love with him. The way he taught me to dance, the countless sleepovers, how he always defended me. Then he left. I didn't hear from him in two year...
got7 imagines // pit-a-pat by starrydumpling
got7 imagines // pit-a-patby byeol 💫
"do you hear that? it's my heartbeat" *giggles* extremely heart-fluttering imagines of got7 + other story types w/ legends!! {REQUESTS: OPEN} start: 15 June 20...
pepigyeom little story  by peachy_jinyoungie
pepigyeom little story by miaaaa
"hyung, do you love me? " jinyoung just stare at yugyeom Random story. 💗 DO NOT COPY MY WORK. 100% my idea. English not my first language so forgive me about...
Its Not Wrong! by tonguetechnology00
Its Not Wrong!by kimYoonie@김윤이
He loved her more than a sister. She loved him more than a brother. Having relationship with someone else can't stop them for falling harder in an "inappropriate lo...
stuck with you - jackson wang by mingicrossingnewleaf
stuck with you - jackson wangby mingicrossingnewleaf
Y/N L/N is pulling through her last year of high school, her teenage life finally feels perfect. Until she spends the night out with the person she adores. Can they wor...
Mafia's Princess (jikook) (On Hold)  by lovlyminnie
Mafia's Princess (jikook) (On lilminnie
Jeon Jungkook is the head of The biggest mafias in Seoul. He is cold hearted and evil, but he wasn't always this way. He is only nice to his brothers, Kim Namjoon, Min Y...
"I thought I'm the one who trap you into my world, but I guess I'm wrong" ________________ Love is not as simple and easy as you think...
the married life [paused] by seeyadreamer
the married life [paused]by daydreamer
For the sake of saving his face from stuck up and judgmental college batchmates (and his ex-boyfriend) in a reunion, he asked a currently heartbroken stranger who is fin...
Kpop Smut Book 1  by 1llegirls
Kpop Smut Book 1 by 1llegirls
Here you can satisfy your need for a fantasy with an idol of your choice if requested or multiple ;)
សង្សារខ្ញុំជាព្រះអង្គម្ចាស់ by PeeDa8
សង្សារខ្ញុំជាព្រះអង្គម្ចាស់by Koka
រឿងប្រលោកមលោកបែបរ៉ូមេទិច ខ្នាតខ្លី
Playboy | Mark Tuan by Minmoongs
Playboy | Mark Tuanby mINHYUK
You just transferred to another school and there you meet Got7 and your long lost childhood friends. What happens if you bump into one of them? P.S. I wrote this when it...
Would You Rather~ Got7 by Akashi_Seijuro-
Would You Rather~ Got7by Akashi_Seijuro-
would you rather Got7 (this book will contain smut) (Finished)
Step/Brothers {2jae}   by maryjoke15
Step/Brothers {2jae} by Markjoke15
Jaebum hates youngjae he yells at him. He hates the idea of a new step brother it's a bother but later on he sees the potential youngjae has and starts falling in love...
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Princess | Mark Tuan by wayvsexual
Princess | Mark Tuanby luna/eliza ✵彡
"You can be the princess and I can be your prince" "Go to sleep Mark youre drunk" <><><> In which Mark Tuan won't stop texting an o...