When I See You Again a Destiel highschool AU [DISCONTINUED]

When I See You Again a Destiel highschool AU [DISCONTINUED]

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Castiel has spent his whole life surrounded by enough siblings to make several baseball teams, a stressed out father, an absent mother and an unsteady stepmom, so he's pretty used to being ignored. Relishes it even. He's been alone in the shadows for so long that he doesn't really know how to react when sophomore jock and handsome heartthrob Dean Winchester tried to pull him into the light. 
 Sam Winchester loves two things in life; his books and his family. But when his falls, quite literally, into the arms of the amazing and esteemed Trickster... He has no idea what to do. All he's used to is reading about relationships; he has no idea how to handle one on his own. 

 And many many more lovely relationships to come! Read on to hear their stories!

This is my first time writing a fanfic so just be respectful, please?
Also I might add more ships but I'm not sure if it's gonna be samifer sabriel mitchifer or what sooo... READ TO FIND OUT I GUESS!!!! :)

ok the cOVER IM SCREAMING CAS WITH GLASSES ok bye just mentioning shít
Michel like the angel?Or is there another character with the same name?
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police have been to my house around 20-30 times within the 5 years of me living here
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OMG, this is amazing! I love the story so much already!! And for sure, yay!!
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Jason Manns and Rob Benedict (the actor who plays Chuck) did a cover of this song and it's soo good