Absent Grace // Sabriel

Absent Grace // Sabriel

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After saving Gabriel -- the supposedly dead archangel -- from Abbadon's cruel grasp, Sam finds himself in a completely alternate world.


He's not a Hunter. Instead, he lives alone with a dog, his brother is engaged to the angel that pulled him from Hell, and he apparently works a normal job.

Oh, and not to mention Gabriel. He's there too; he's the reason they're stuck there in the first place. 

They can't leave until Gabriel gets enough grace back to send them to the real world, but that could be months, and if it's not obvious yet, the angel is the last person that Sam wants to see. 


I don't own Supernatural or any of the characters featured in this fic, as much as I wish I did

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I would pay for Gabe to actually wear a pair of underwear like that in an episode
PotatoLIZ PotatoLIZ Dec 30, 2017
This is true. I have ADHD. And I once made the mistake of drinking an energy drink, and as you put it I went fckn crazy 😂
1. Color your lips rainbow
                              2. Find a girl/boyfriend
                              3. Say "taste the rainbow"
                              4.(my personal touch) kiss them and run for dear life
Sherla_Juin Sherla_Juin Feb 04
Leo Valdez + energy drink = I don’t want to know what will happen next
You can call him anything along the lines of blond, dirty blond, brunet, or blind (which is what “blond” almost autocorrected to) to his love for Castiel.
                              Someone went to him for an autograph and it said “Are you blond?” and “yes” and “no” and he just circled the area in between.
I was reading this with a stone cold face..........until now