Absent Grace // Sabriel

Absent Grace // Sabriel

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After saving Gabriel -- the supposedly dead archangel -- from Abbadon's cruel grasp, Sam finds himself in a completely alternate world.


He's not a Hunter. Instead, he lives alone with a dog, his brother is engaged to the angel that pulled him from Hell, and he apparently works a normal job.

Oh, and not to mention Gabriel. He's there too; he's the reason they're stuck there in the first place. 

They can't leave until Gabriel gets enough grace back to send them to the real world, but that could be months, and if it's not obvious yet, the angel is the last person that Sam wants to see. 


I don't own Supernatural or any of the characters featured in this fic, as much as I wish I did

I took me a minute or so to realize he wasn't talking about Gabriel's ass but his tattoos. 😅
                              I was just thinking,
                              "Damn Sam, for all you deny checking out the booty you sure notice it's magnificence."
satinoflove satinoflove Nov 15
Oh my dear Sammy something is in your throat...could it be, GAY?!
Everybody is just ignoring the fact that gabe just practicly confessed his love for sam?
Da fūck you lying for Sammy we all know that's what you meant to say. OOOOooOOoOoOoOoOoOOO what if gabe can hear his thoughts rn