serendipity » sabriel (+destiel) [Quick updates]

serendipity » sabriel (+destiel) [Quick updates]

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As the years go by, Sam Winchester grows taller, smarter, and quieter. It gets to a point where he shuts the world out, trapping himself in a womb of loneliness and silence. It nearly drives his brother, Dean, around the bend. But in a flash of serendipity, Sam stumbles upon someone who doesn't need a reply when he talks, who doesn't expect anything, who just simply wanted to be around Sam for the kicks of being around Sam. Could they be the one to turn the youngest Winchester boy around, or will Sam go back to getting paper cuts on comic books and watching reruns alone in their motel rooms?

[This is a (spn) Sam X Gabriel fic which will involve tons of fluff, side destiel and the occasional michifer! If you are made uncomfortable by boy x boy, please do not read!]

»»Although I would love to say I do, I do not own Supernatural, or any plots, characters, quotes or events from the show itself. This is a work of fan fiction that is not intended to infringe any copyright!!««

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