Promise Me [SEVENTEEN Fanfic]

Promise Me [SEVENTEEN Fanfic]

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A promise brought her here. A promise from her childhood brings her to this front gate of Hamji High School. 

It's not like anything's different. She already started acting like a boy when she turned 13. In other words, she officially became a tomboy at that age. 

He promised her he would come back. He didn't. He promised he'd find her. He didn't. 

That's why she's here, going to an exclusive all-boys school. Hopefully no one would find out her true gender...

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Bonkers_Is_Annie Bonkers_Is_Annie Nov 06, 2017
When did you last see a “feminine” girl that meets those expectations? Ummm.....probably like in your time. 
                              Which was 50 years ago.  
                              I lied. Back then they weren’t that feminine. 
                              Maybe in the Victorian times. Yeah. Go back to that time.
Tbh I can fit to all of the above (except sing). 
                              But I also can be the complete opposite.
If that guy was truly in love with ami's mom then he would accept ami for who she is and wants to be.
ShookieYatami ShookieYatami a day ago
What? You want her to send a whole speech just to reply to that?
Bonkers_Is_Annie Bonkers_Is_Annie Nov 06, 2017
Tf? If my husband died I would never love again. That’s how depressed I’d be.
Don't they look at birth certificates before you can apply to a single sex school's?
                              I go to a girls' school and Ik that happened.