Promise Me [SEVENTEEN Fanfic]

Promise Me [SEVENTEEN Fanfic]

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A promise brought her here. A promise from her childhood brings her to this front gate of Hamji High School. 

It's not like anything's different. She already started acting like a boy when she turned 13. In other words, she officially became a tomboy at that age. 

He promised her he would come back. He didn't. He promised he'd find her. He didn't. 

That's why she's here, going to an exclusive all-boys school. Hopefully no one would find out her true gender...

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Amazing book cover by @KimchiiDesu unnie :)

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Imma just switch the name Monggu to Uchi. Thats my dogs name. Sorry Author-nim.
I havent worn a dress in 11 years....
                              Im 11 years old
helenxwolf helenxwolf Jul 29
All my clothes looks like a guy's even if it's from the female section. It's all t-shirts and long sleeves and pants. No shorts, no skirts, I rarely wear dresses
mehitshope mehitshope Sep 11
i rather have an all black room  , people think im weird because of this tho
mehitshope mehitshope Sep 11
i said this to my sister  , i had to sleep in the living room lmao
Maybe if it was a bustling city it wouldn't worry anyone but a peaceful neighborhood?! Is everyone dead?!