Immortals || SEVENTEEN (Completed)

Immortals || SEVENTEEN (Completed)

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《 -julxii 》 By _An0n3m0uSe_ Completed

This story is based on a SEVENTEEN fanfic. This story is about wolves and vampires I know it's been used a lot but this is all that I can think of hahaha. Hope you like it.

One day a girl named Lee Sang Jae ran away from the Wolf Kingdom to find her older brother (Choi Seungcheol) and his friends (rest of SVT members) so she could live with them, just to get away from what's happening to the wolves and vampires.

[A/N : this story was unpublished last time but I published it again since I wanted to fix the story.]

Started: 23/01/16
Finished: 06/07/17

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Jaeluvstaro Jaeluvstaro Dec 11, 2017
Bruh ik how you feel legit all of my cousins from both sides are boys except my one cousin who’s a girl before her I was the only girl in the family
TobeyLori TobeyLori 3 days ago
I'd like to know who the main cast is.. or are they all the main cast?
infinitejoyce infinitejoyce May 30, 2017
This one too, it's 열여덜살, not 싶알. Or yeolyeodul, not sibpal.. srry if I'm being annoying
infinitejoyce infinitejoyce May 30, 2017
Oh yea umm can I just say, for age it's not 이십살, it's 수무살
Jaeluvstaro Jaeluvstaro Dec 11, 2017
Coincidence that 3 of my biases are half vampire and half werewolf
thewoozii thewoozii Mar 22, 2017
Cool I actually call my guy friends hyung I grew up with 5 boys