The Wolf with Four Mates #Wattys2014

The Wolf with Four Mates #Wattys2014

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Every 500 years a rare prophecy is completed. 

That prophecy is that a woman at the age of 18 will gain four mate marks. 

She will then choose one of her four mates to become her other half. 

But she must choose one before the next celestial event. Usually the full moon. And when she makes her choice she will join the angels in helping the human and paranormal world. 

Life for Chloe has been quite good. She has everything she could ever want. A loving family, she's wealthy, has an over protective boyfriend, an she just got into her dream college. 

But something about Chloe is different from any normal werewolf. Instead of having one mate mark. She has four. 

What happens when these for Alphas come in search of their mate? Who will rise? Who will fall? 

Who will she choose?

The only time I can stand text speech is when someone is actually texting another person in the book
- - May 19, 2016
Damn girl you made a nice intro and its your first book damn! But you did a great job
KierraWesley KierraWesley Mar 19, 2016
Would you read mine? It has just been started like 5 chapters in.. give me constructive criticism? It's a ghost story(: thanks !(:
Froggy76 Froggy76 Nov 22, 2016
Hey, i like your book! If you get the chance please let me know if I should finish writing my werewolf book or if I should give it up! It is called "where the wild wild are", please be totally brutally honest with me, thanks if you do an thanks for at least reading this either way thanks
ClaudesGirlfriend ClaudesGirlfriend Jul 31, 2016
Please read mine too...telnet.) if I should continue it or not
annie_will_kill annie_will_kill May 08, 2016
Can you give me ideas for werewolf books plus I love to read them. Please help me!