Never Lose Hope (Septiplier/MarkiplierxJacksepticeye)

Never Lose Hope (Septiplier/MarkiplierxJacksepticeye)

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Rhiannon By SeptiplierIsMyFire Completed

When Sean(Jack) uploads a new video that captures the attentions of all of his fans, he's shocked and surprised by the amount of supportive and fangirly comments. This makes him aware that it was not only okay for him to upload more like this one, but that his fans were behind him.

But there is one comment on there that surprises him and rubs him the wrong way; probably written out of jealousy, hate, silliness or tire, but all options still make him as furious as the speed at which his brain is going trying to work out an answer as to why he posted that comment on the video...

Why would Markiplier post such a thing?

And why would Jack possibly need Mark's help again in the future?

(Ongoing Story | Septiplier | Chance-Taking | BoyxBoy)

Crankette Crankette May 10
Who else searched the "video title"? I did aaaaaand, there was nothing
I hate her like sign don't judge me I get this weird asš feeling front hat chick*shivers* he needs to break up with her now she sounds like a bîtch
Wait I just realised something...Jack loves Koreans and their culture......and he also said: "what am I seeing? HOT KOREANS?!" In a happy wheels video (I think???) And MARK is half Korean half German....
                              So BOOYAH
                              *crys for sad face*I wish Mark wasnt so sad 'bout this...*Hugs a Mark plush*
I can see this actually happen if mark was single and he loved jack, and the comments be just like these. Well done on pulling the feels card.
UHM, HOLD ON! *Screams, stab sounds and gun shots are heard* JACK'S ALL YOUR MARK!!