Never Lose Hope (Septiplier/MarkiplierxJacksepticeye)

Never Lose Hope (Septiplier/MarkiplierxJacksepticeye)

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Rhiannon By SeptiplierIsMyFire Completed

When Sean(Jack) uploads a new video that captures the attentions of all of his fans, he's shocked and surprised by the amount of supportive and fangirly comments. This makes him aware that it was not only okay for him to upload more like this one, but that his fans were behind him.

But there is one comment on there that surprises him and rubs him the wrong way; probably written out of jealousy, hate, silliness or tire, but all options still make him as furious as the speed at which his brain is going trying to work out an answer as to why he posted that comment on the video...

Why would Markiplier post such a thing?

And why would Jack possibly need Mark's help again in the future?

(Ongoing Story | Septiplier | Chance-Taking | BoyxBoy)

icyangels_rosydemons icyangels_rosydemons Dec 14, 2016
Is this the 'simple yet powerful comment' if. So than it's not that powerful
ryryrose33 ryryrose33 Nov 14, 2016
I would have cried  Mark. I did when jacks instagram story is with him a signe I cried thinking Septiplier is not real
ryryrose33 ryryrose33 Nov 14, 2016
It was cartoon junkie huh she's cool she like one of my instagram  posts
Molesterrmoon Molesterrmoon Nov 01, 2016
                              *runs her over with a semi-truck*
                              ALRIGHTY, JACKS ALL YOURS
ryryrose33 ryryrose33 Nov 14, 2016
Me on the phone with my gramma Deb 
                              Neema Deb: is school going good
                              Me: *nods yes*
                              Mom: she can't see you retard speak English
Mark: *sees video* *cries*
                              Me: *picking up milk duds I had previously spilled*
                              Mark: *steals half of them* thanks bitch I need these more than you do.
                              Me: I have sympathy for you my friend take them. And also this shotgun.
                              Mark: *gladly accepts shotgun* thank you now I will be on my way