Change is Coming

Change is Coming

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avengeroncerhamilfan By avengeroncerhamilfan Updated Apr 05, 2016

Katy has had what is sure to be her worst day ever.  At her new school, The Dallas Academy for Performing Arts, has an official way of ranking students based on popularity. The ranking is even condoned as a school policy in this weird hell that they call a school.

Guess who's number 1. 

Not all time popular girl Danielle Robbins, but Katy. As she's thrust into a world of extreme popularity, Danielle is soon after her attempting to beat her in everything from classes to socializing, furious with being in second place. Can Katy handle this intense pressure? Will Danielle win? And how exactly did Katy become Queen Bee?
*May contain mild language

  • badassery
  • comedy
  • competition
  • drama
  • fabulousness
  • melodramatic

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