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Oliver Sykes imagines by maeweenie
Oliver Sykes imaginesby mae
Oliver Sykes Imagines. I can take requests just DM me or leave your request as a comment ^o^ Comment and Vote please!
Black Butler group text!? Black Butler x reader by CelinePhantomhive
Black Butler group text!? Black Bu...by CelinePhantomhive
This is just for fun and its NOT the story you would normally read at all! if you want a little amusement, then read! Read it!~ You know you want toooooooo!~ Oh, and I D...
Middle Earth Mayhem by Lindir
Middle Earth Mayhemby Lindir and Itarilde
Funny short stories about Middle Earth Characters! Enjoy!
You are my sunflower (mr sir x mr pendanski holes fanfic) by namelessfnaf
You are my sunflower (mr sir x mr...by Namelesslookgayships
This ship needs more love so I'm going to give it more love
Tøld (A Joshler FanFiction.) by twenty-one-fob
Tøld (A Joshler FanFiction.)by 🌺🌸
Who knew about love? You don't know about it until you experience it, heartbreaking. Ups and Downs, you'll still love them. ~~
What's Next? by haleslove1042
What's Next?by Hales Jenkins
Everything was fine..the BOOM zombie apocalypse. Murphy can control Zombies BOOM how can he do that? Aliens..then Doc can hear his ancestors What's Next? Oh yeah 10k mee...
The Witches Cult. by maiboyleoishawt
The Witches Cult.by Banana Split
Heya, this is my first original story EVER it's a bit farfetched but I hope you enjoy. I'm only writing the first chapter and if that gets any feedback. chapter 2 and o...
Maybe I'm Not As Straight As I Thought.... by TacoMelodyRainbow
Maybe I'm Not As Straight As I Tho...by TacoMelodyRainbow
Devin Thomas considers himself a bad boy. He's actually a cutie with a bad mouth. But he does have a sexy side. Add in a crazy, in the closet, bestfriend, a new hottie...
Benedict's Flight by katielovescorn
Benedict's Flightby katielovescorn
Ex-pope Benedict is supposedly at his summer home.... Or at least that's what people thought. Turns out Benedict is an insanely awesome ninja angel who travels the gala...
Unexpect the expected by SatrinaDeevie
Unexpect the expectedby Withacapital_L_
This is a story where Draco Malfoy has a muggle-born cousin (will be explained.), she was born a Metamorphagus (however that's spelled.) Like Tonks. There is Drarry in t...
Behind the Lens by UnitedUnicornsX
Behind the Lensby Evelin&Jenni
"You know, you'd look more pretty in front of the camera," "Oh stop it you," "No really, you should be a model. You're beautiful." "My...
(Homestuck)Tavros x Reader by _TheSecretGarden_
(Homestuck)Tavros x Readerby Cherri
"wHAT iF iT wAS,,, uH ,,, fOREVER?"
Moments Of Life In A Family Of Bats by CuddlyAdventures
Moments Of Life In A Family Of Batsby CuddlyAdventures
Random moments in the life of the bat family.
The online chat room (a pewdiepie fan fic) by Ella_Needs_Help
The online chat room (a pewdiepie...by Idk anymore
My names Stacey Alexis Johnson I live in Ireland, I'm 18 years old and I get bullied in my university for being an emo/gamer. I go on this chat room sometimes to clear...
Capable Of the world by iluvcheesecake55
Capable Of the worldby Melody
April was just a normal child, at least that's what she thought. When she's older, she discovers what she is capable of.