Recklessly (Divergent Fanfic) #Wattys2016 #Completed

Recklessly (Divergent Fanfic) #Wattys2016 #Completed

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"She holds matches recklessly in her hands."


It's what defines you.

The world is not the same anymore. The only way to survive is to find your place in the factions.

Corrine Minor is Abnegation. She and her twin brother have always known where they belong, and it is not with the Abnegation. They wish to live the carefree, adventurous life of the Dauntless. But they will learn there is so much more to being Dauntless than they thought.

Eric is cold. He's cold hearted and merciless. He worked his way up and became a leader for Dauntless and he takes advantage of it every chance he can get. He punishes the initiates just because he can. 

And then a girl with doe eyes and perfectly pink lips jumps off the train after the choosing ceremony and turns his world upside down. He didn't even know he could still feel...anything.

SafetyPin__ SafetyPin__ Oct 02
Guys...I do not care what his last name is. I changed it. It's my book. If the only comment you're gonna leave is about how you know his last name was Coulter, please don't bother. It's annoying.
Were breaking free, were soaring, flying, there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach🌠
-httpbarnes -httpbarnes Aug 18
What if you choose the piece of meat and use it to slap the dog? What would your test results be then?
SafetyPin__ SafetyPin__ Sep 28
Just so everyone knows, I understand Eric's last name is Coulter, and I'm choosing to keep it Carter in my book...because it's my book. ✌️
Actually Eric does have a last name and his last name is Coulter, Eric Coulter.
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