The Abandoned Duo

The Abandoned Duo

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mindlespindle By mindlespindle Updated Sep 23

Hlín has solid white hair, rare among Vikings, with red oak eyes that gleam against the dark of the clouds. Her dragon and her have a special connection, both abandoned. They both spend their days traveling, stopping crime and helping dragons or people so they don't feel abandoned like they once were. 

Hlín is expertly skilled in swordsman and a highly skilled fighter. Like her Skrill dragon, both her and him have high intellect and are clever, any situation has a exit and they will find it. Hlín has metallic claws that strap around her hands and go between her fingers, in no way does it harm Balthazar, but can harm people if she so desires. 

One day, they fly through the dark clouds, keeping camouflaged from anyone or anything. When she spot's an injured Scaldron trapped in a fishing net which looked to have cuts from struggling. She knew they had to help. What comes after is the part that changes their lone wolf status.

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Redoxty Redoxty Jan 10
Wait this was the intro i didn't notice at all lol it's long for an intro and i like the book already ☺️
II-poisonheart-II II-poisonheart-II Oct 22, 2017
um sorry to if this is mean but I think u didn't put the picture of Balthazar up
nightcore_girl823 nightcore_girl823 Apr 14, 2017
I tried to read this out loud and said astrich instead of astird