Pack Mom

Pack Mom

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The Kid(tm) By Fangirling_is_life_ Updated Nov 11

Stiles and Derek have had their good times, and their not so good times. They've been kidnapped, they've been threatened, and they almost murdered eachother three times (that they remember). 

But the most interesting by far, would have to have been when their pack all got turned into children by a bitchy witch.

{title is a work in progress bear with me. Also I'm ignoring every character death concerning the pack, and yeah.}

-----technically this isn't rewriting but due to high demand it looks like I'm back.-----

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Just imagining Dylan Sprayberrys pp on Instagram (where he is a kid) to be laying on Hoechlins lap and awww
Xavier9743 Xavier9743 Apr 20
Eww Edward Cullen can burn in hell 
                              Taylor Launtern however can shine in heaven
Gracetheace14 Gracetheace14 Dec 29, 2016
Oh my God I read this at 1:00 am. I'm pretty sure I woke the neighbors by how loud I was laughing.